How to Create a Post or Newsletter

Step 1: Login to the members area

Step 2: From the top admin bar (black bar at top of page), click on New > Post

Step 3: Add your Title and content.

*Make sure you are in the Visual tab (not text tab)

Step 4: In the right sidebar, under the ‘groups’ section, click on the text box and add the ‘registered’ block to restrict this post to only registered users.


Step 5: Once you have completed your post, make sure you click on the checkbox labeled ‘members posts’ in the right sidebar

Step 6: Optional: add tags and a featured image (you can also add images right into your post using the ‘add media’ button.

Step 7: Click ‘Publish’

*The post should now show up on the members home page and automatically get sent out to your members.