Kootenay Outdoor Producer Co-op

Producing quality outdoor organic cannabis in the Central Kootenay

About The Co-op

The Kootenay Outdoor Producer Co-op is a multi-stakeholder cooperative based in the Regional District of the Central Kootenay: 60,000 kind folks spread out over 22,400 km2 in south-eastern BC. We grow organic outdoor cannabis on underused local farmland and process it at our central facility. Our profits do not get funnelled to distant shareholders we have never met; rather, they will be shared among our craft farmers, landowners, investors and workers – and select local charities.

Fully Licenced

We have been pioneering the idea of growing certified organic outdoor legal cannabis, under a cooperative business model, on our snow-capped mountains since 2017. So, it feels a little strange that March 20th, 2020 – the date our first two farms were granted Health Canada cultivation licences – will mark the start of our journey. Then again, this whole new reality is strange, so we are just going to get back to work.

We have also been engaged with our organic certifying organization PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society) since 2017. This enabled our first 8 acres to become fully certified organic in 2019 and ensures all farms and crops going forward will be fully certified as well.

A New Era of Growing

The first people to value the cannabis plant in our region were the Doukhobors who settled here and grew hemp at the beginning of 20th century. However, it was the American draft-dodgers that came north in the late 60’s that really started us down the path of growing world-renowned weed – known as Kootenay Green at the time. Outdoor production increased over the years and peaked around the turn of the millennium – helped immensely by the US war on drugs and the millions of dollars they spent to demonize (and inadvertently brand and give credibility to) our BC Bud.

Over the last decade or so, much of the cultivation moved indoors where it was easier to: control nature, hide, grow during the winter and cultivate higher THC strains. Certainly, there are advantages to growing cannabis indoors but it definitely comes at a cost…especially to the environment with the unnecessary use of power and water, the contamination of water, the over use of agro-chemicals and the building of giant infrastructures. Even on a small scale, indoor production is much more akin to a costly and environmentally damaging science experiment than it is to some type of Craft production.

A True Craft

It is our crews that are the true Craft Cannabis Farmers, as they must work with mother nature and overcome the reality of gusty winds, cold nights, scorching days, yo-yo humidity, early frost and torrential rain (we do live in the world’s only inland temperate rain forest after all) not to mention the many bugs, rodents, deer, elk and goats that would all like a taste. And fortunately, now that everything is legal – not only do our Craft Farmers get to come down from the mountains to practice their craft on our farmlands – but you can now be assured that our certified organic cannabis was grown (with love) without chemicals or pesticides, was not dried in a basement, has been fully tested and supports many local working families.

We welcome legalization and look forward to all the possibilities this new era promises.

Get Involved

If you are not local and would like to be kept up to date with our goings on you can follow us through one of the Social Media links below or fill out the free form to become a Co-op Friend.



HC Licence #

PACS Certification #

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